"Thank you Amey!!!  I can't thank you enough for the positive impact you have been in my life and I can definitely say that I'm the healthiest I've ever been and it started all from your training and guidance!  I love seeing all of the amazing accomplishments you have and take care always!!!” -Liz Viernes

 “I love your programming! Basically you've made me happy in my own skin and helped me learn not to stress over things I can't control.  I am so lucky to have a coach as caring and smart as you, thanks for everything!" -Ashley Coursey

“THANK YOU THANK YOU for all of the info you provide. I wasn't expecting you to share so much and I REALLY appreciate it. From the bottom of my heart I want you to know that working with you has been an amazing experience and worth every penny I've spent. I plan to do a post on IG soon to share my love for you with the world I hope your coaching biz blows up because I know without a doubt you are real the deal.  By the way, if you ever decided to start a podcast I would totally listen to it. I love your ability to teach info in an easy to understand way. You just radiate this amazing energy that I really think the rest of the world needs. Especially women who want to love their bodies but still work on their physique. YOU DA BEST! Thanks again and I have a feeling this won't be the last time we work together :)” -Liz Shannon

“It's so easy to fall into the general belief that pregnancy equals a free ride to eating to your heart's desire.  God knows I did with my first and I went from 150lbs to 195lbs by the time of delivery at 37 weeks. I became complacent, fell into gimmick diets and overall took me 2 years to finally make a difference post pregnancy and almost 5 years to find what truly worked for me (i.e. Macro dieting and lifting).  I was scared this go around of pregnancy, but I was armed with such an AMAZING coach who not only provided me with trimester appropriate workouts and my macros, but went ABOVE and BEYOND with articles and words of encourage that I absolutely needed to stay on track.  By ALL means, enjoy that cheat day...I know Saturday was my go-to "I'm going to eat without tracking days" and I was ok with that. Here I am at 38 weeks at a 28lb weight gain (where almost 6 years earlier I was at a 45lb increase) and I couldn't be happier!!” -Laura Diaz

“Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!!! It was an absolute dream come true with a cherry on top! So amazing and to boot, I felt like a zillion bucks thanks to you!   Every person could not stop talking about how good I looked and I know part of it was because I was bridal and beautiful in that way, but people couldn't believe how my body looked!  This journey was a tough one but you came in to my life EXACTLY when I needed you! You changed my life and I am so grateful for you!!!! I cannot wait to continue my journey with you when I get back from our honeymoon!” -Kylie Fahey

“In a world of contradiction, confusion and misinformation, Amey has been a source of light who has brought clarity, knowledge, unwavering support to my fitness journey.  The way she simultaneously guides and instructs while also listening and being receptive is phenomenal, and a rare quality.  She has empowered me in a way I didn't think was possible, and has improved not only my physique (WOW, the progress!!!) but also my state of mind.  Recently I texted her, and I quote, "I have never felt so good about myself in my entire time on this planet."  Not only is she individualizing my fitness journey in a way that has yielded immediate results, she's made me feel like she is my best friend along the entire journey. #SHEWOLFMODE #GAMECHANGER” -Kim McCluster

“Today is one of those days where I've had a bunch of little realizations that make me appreciate my life so much, so now is a great time to say thank you!!! I know I haven't been on a program with you in a while, but everything I learned from you I have taken into consideration in my everyday life since then. I've been fitting into old clothes lately that I was always too uncomfortable to wear! The lifestyle change you helped me to make really worked, I live such a balanced life now and before I never thought it was possible. The past me would eat a donut or drink a beer and be a complete stressed out mess for the next week feeling guilty because of it. The new me appreciates those things so much and know exactly how to balance it out thanks to your macro coaching!! It's crazy to think how much eating and food controlled my life because I was scared of it...and its because I didn't know any better then. THANK YOU AMEY!!” -Alison Rolf

“Amey, I want to thank you. I'm leaner than I have been in a while. I could jump on the platform weigh in at 69kg tomorrow and perform perfectly. I have only been Olympic weightlifting since I started working with you and I just PRd on two max out lifts and on a couple "crossfit workouts" so I'm faster, leaner, and stronger thanks to your guidance with nutrition and macros!!” -Anna Floyd

“I am very thankful to have you as my coach!  I'm very glad I chose someone that was knowledgeable, supportive and very passionate about what she is doing. I only speak highly of you whenever people ask who my coach is. This is the strongest I've been while being lean. I appreciate every information you throw out at me. You have been so helpful through this cut, I got leaner, kept my muscle mass/strength and my metabolism isn't fxcked up. But most of all, I am more confident and comfortable in my own skin as compared to weeks ago. And I believe that's what matters most. Numbers are numbers, but happiness and mental state should be a priority and it has been! Thank you!!” -Kathy Lau

“Wanted to say thanks again for all the knowledge you have shared with me--it has been very helpful in understanding nutrition/healthy eating and trying to plan out meals for myself. I definitely feel I’m healthier and living a healthy lifestyle!” -Caaminee Pandit

“I have been getting compliments from my close friends and my other half telling me how proud they are of me and how amazed they are to see how determined and discipline I am with my food and my workouts.  It’s been quite the journey so far and I must say I am proud of myself as well.  So thank you, Amey, for helping me get here and for continuing to help me become a better me.” -Diana Ospina

“I wanted to say thank so much for working with me and for putting up with all the late check ins.  I know I didn't do the greatest in keeping up with everything, but I honestly saw a lot of results myself and had tons of people commenting on my arms.  I also learned a lot of proportions - never realized just how much (and especially how much carbs/sugar) I was eating before!  It helped me reverse some habits and I'm so thankful for everything you've done for me!” -Anna Philbrick

Anonymous Shewolfpack Client:

I went from being afraid to squat and babying my knee because of my experience w 225 in HS to hitting it for 11 reps from being able to bench 95lbs on a good day with a spot to 135 for a double AFTER taxing out my body w resistance bands and paused bench & never deadlifting a day in my life to almost being able (hopefully during max testing) to pull 300.
All of this in just over 10 months, only 8 specifically powerlifting and this is BECAUSE OF YOU. I know I'd be know where as happy and comfortable in my body as I am without your guidance. I was "lifting" and eating out of a place of hate because I felt like I had to be skinny to have guys want me back and feel sorry for what they did to me and I can proudly say I don't give a flying f*ck about what they think, because I know my worth and what I bring to the table. I love feeling strong and eating to fuel my body; stretch marks, floof, and all."


Coaches Corner:   If you've read this far, thank you for considering me to be your coach!! I want you to be fully informed before you make a decision, so a little about me: My life’s calling is to help people improve their lifestyle, fitness level, and knowledge base about nutrition and training for living their best life.  I have been remote coaching clients since 2015 and have worked with over 80 women ages 19-75 with a variety of goals.  I coach a few men as well!  I have a passion for bodybuilding and have competed in natural bikini divisions since 2013.  I earned an NGA natural pro card in 2016.  I mostly coach general weight loss clients, but have also had the privilege to coach bikini and figure competitors, powerlifters, a nationally ranked Olympic weightlifter, marathon runners, Spartan race competitors, and several fashion models.  I’m a USAF veteran and have worked with many active duty military members too.  Other worthy mentions include pregnancy programming (pre, during, and post), macro coaching for vegetarians and vegans, wedding preps, & remote coaching for clients in other countries (Japan, Germany, and Korea!).

I completed a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science so I could provide top quality service to clients.  During my time in the program, I assisted with several studies in University of South Florida’s Physique Enhancement Laboratory -- one in particular as head Nutrition Coach for 42 subjects.  I was the lead graduate assistant for an 18-month pilot study conducted by Moffit Cancer Center examining breast cancer patient’s response to exercise intervention during chemotherapy treatment.  Exercise is incredible for reducing health risks and boosting the immune system!  I’ve also contributed to three published scientific abstracts.  With a diverse history in prescribing exercise for aesthetic as well as health related goals for a variety of populations, I am confident in my ability to deliver well-studied recommendations and effective programming to clients from many backgrounds.  I learned well from my grad school mentor, Dr. Bill Campbell, to stay up-to-date on the latest research as well as how to dig into peer reviewed literature and consult with others in the industry to find answers when things get tricky.  I can appreciate too, that sometimes - applying anecdotally effective protocols can be the best option since research can track behind what is proving effective in the field.  The most important thing to me, is providing a personalized service that resonates with and is effective for each client.

I take my clients success very seriously and am a thorough file-keeper and data tracker.  I’m proud to say I guarantee my clients a 24hr response time and address their questions and concerns with utmost thought -- responding in appropriate detail in a way that client can understand and implement.  Being encouraging is in my nature and I am a very caring coach, ready to listen and help clients get through barriers throughout the transformation process.  I provide clients with resources and materials such as my “Flexible Dieter’s Guide to Going Out” as well as recipes and training techniques they can use to get the most out of their time with me.  I attached a selection of testimonials you can browse -- any of these ladies would be happy to act as a reference.  Thank you so much for your time!  Please let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to helping you reach your goals!

Wellness Wishes,