Shewolves of Winter 6-Week Meal Prep Ebook

Shewolves of Winter 6-Week Meal Prep Ebook


You will save more than the price of this program by your second grocery bill!

This offering is designed to help you save time, money, and stress by providing 6 weeks of meticulously balanced menus that will energize you with healthy meals and delight your taste buds with fantastic flavor. The best part is – ANYONE, no matter your experience level with cooking, can create these meals. Due to popular demand, I themed this season’s menus around minimizing time cooking AND dishes. There’s lots of Instant Pot (or slow cooker – instructions for both!) and one sheet pan/casserole dish recipes here.

Other notes to cover before you get started: Each menu is designed to land within 50kcals of 1700kcals total with between 105-120g protein and varying (but nutritionally adequate) carbs and fat. There are instructions under each week’s nutrition table on how to modify it to a 1500kcal menu.

I chose these intakes because they work really well for most people trying to reduce their intake. However, if you have specific macros you’re trying to hit, I’ve outlined the full nutritional breakdown of each meal for each week, so you can do some math and make it work for you by swapping and omitting things to fit your desired intake.

My final note to you, is to congratulate you for committing to creating the meals that will fuel you over the next 6 weeks! Beyond all the diet culture reasoning, I’ve come to understand that:

Meal prep raises the positive vibrations of your meals.

Just as adding spices to your food elevates the flavor, making food with your own hands, with the intention to nourish and enjoy, infuses love & awareness into your meals in a way convenience food and pre-packaged meals just can’t.

Cooking is a valuable skill that will benefit you for the rest of your life! So, as you progress over the next 6 weeks, remember that instead of fighting your body to get healthier/in better shape - you’re partnering with your body by honoring it with nutritious delicious meals!!

Take a sneak peek at what the menus, recipes, and grocery lists look like in the photos!

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