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After your purchase, I will contact you directly at your email address and send a questionnaire, which will help me customize your program.

More Details:

  • You'll learn how to plan & prep healthy delicious meals & basic nutrition concepts.
  • You'll spend the first month with personalized lean gains programming to build a tight toned foundation, followed by 2 months strictly targeting fat loss.
  • The transition to intuitive eating in the final month will ensure you can maintain your results on your own, without the hassle of tracking or the frustration of rebounding.


Achieve the look you want for summer by starting your shred now!

This is a 12 week journey starting MONDAY, MARCH 5 leading up to Memorial Day Weekend that will have you beach ready, fit for adventures, and most importantly - free from the yo-yo effect of dieting and rebounding. 

I've designed a 3 month protocol where you will work with me one-on-one to reach your goals with tailored workouts that fit your equipment access and experience level, as well as premium diet coaching beginning with full service weekly menus and grocery lists, then guided flexible dieting, finally transitioning  to intuitive eating so you can look great and enjoy a summer & lifestyle of food freedom.

Must contact me for initial client survey and submit first payment by THURSDAY, MARCH 1 to be considered for this program.  This program requires a 3 month commitment for lasting results.

NOTE: I allow month-to-month payment for the 3 month commitment, but will implement a $50 fee for early cancellation.

What you get:

  • Month 1: Deluxe Macro Coaching + Lean Gains Exercise Program
  • Month 2: Macros Only Diet Coaching + Fat Loss Exercise Program
  • Month 3: Intuitive Eating Transition + Fat Loss Exercise Program

This combination of programming/level of personalized service would normally cost over $750!  Take advantage of this special rate now!